Ludography and Acknowledgements


No Stone Unturned is heavily inspired by games from these authors:

John Harper’s Blades in the Dark directly inspired the down-time mechanics. This game is Forged in the Dark.

Slade Stolar’s The Indie Hack features the details-based dice resolution present in this game, thus this game runs on The Indie Hack Engine.

Meguey Baker and D.Vincent Baker’s Apocalypse World laid a framework and design philosophy for many games, including this one. This game is Powered by the Apocalypse.

Fraser Simons’s The Veil explored using how a character feels as a basis for how they perform actions, and this game shows my take on that.

Avery Alder’s The Quiet Year is a game about the wants and needs of a community in struggle, and inspired many of the world building tools here.


Thank you Mark for making me play 4e all those years ago, which to me into tabletop RPGs in the first place.

Thank you Kevin for bringing me back into the hobby by starting our 5e campaign years ago, even if you recoil at games like these.

Thanks to everybody who has playtested up to this point: Josh, Ryan, Kevin, Cole, Eric, James, Basile, Kaitlyn, Lex, Zhen, Sashah